EMFIT QS™ for Clinical Research

When compared to visual scoring Emfit mattress had sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 82%*

Several academic researchers are using EMFIT QS to collect vitals data during sleep. Our API allows autonomous and automatic data collection for medical insights and discoveries. Cellular network connectivity (3G version) enables hassle-free home installation for research participant. That, and being contact-free under mattresses installed, ensures best possible user adherence. These features make it easier to enroll participants and conduct studies.

The Sleep Period API

The SleepPeriod API is “push API” where all sleep period data is pushed to a given endpoint URL after a period has ended. It provides heart rate, breathing rate, and movement activity data by every 4 seconds. Sleep staging every 30 seconds and HRV RMSSD every 3 minutes. Research potential of this high-frequency and high quality calculated data is vast.

Band-Pass-filtered Sensor Signal API

Optionally the band-pass-filtered sensor signal is available as “get API”. The low band 0,07 – 3 Hz is sampled at 25 Hz. The high band is either 1 – 35 Hz band and sampled at 100 Hz, or 1 – 85 Hz band and sampled at 200 Hz. Both high band options show clearly both ballistocardiogram and breathing, and the later also snoring. The amount of data collected — and the insight gained — is groundbreaking.
* Excerpt from:  Screening sleep-related breathing disturbances in stroke patients using the Emfit ferroelectret film sensor and the oximeter
T.S. Niiniviita*1, M. Takala1,2, E. Rauhala2 and A. Holm1,2
1 University of Turku, University of Turku Graduate School, Turku, Finland
2 Satakunta Central Hospital, Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, Pori, Finland
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