Emfit QS+Care


EMFIT QS+CARE™ – health, sleep, bed exit & occupancy monitor for senior care.



  • Under-mattress sensor, size 6 x 56 cm
  • Electronics is connected to the sensor with 3 m (10 ft) cord
  • 5 V medical grade power supply (input 110-230V AC); plug adapters for European countries, United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia
  • All surface materials are easy disinfection plastics
  • Set-up guide
  • Declaration of Conformity (EU CE mark) as radio equipment (RED)

Free Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): 

  • Web application to access the data* and real-time situation with any browser
  • Detailed sleep reports
  • Long term data trends up to one year

Data* features: 

  • Resting heart rate
  • Whole night heart and breathing rates every 4 sec.
  • Tossing & turning and movement activity
  • Time in bed and in sleep
  • Sleep score
  • Sleep stages (REM, deep, light, awake)
  • Whole night heart-rate-variability RMSSD in 3 min. epochs
  • Autonomic Nervous System balance

Not to be used for diagnosis or monitoring of disease or other conditions.

2-year full warranty:

  • Equipment may be returned for replacement or repair.


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